We Mourn The Loss Of Our Friend
Bishop Tony Palmer.

The Bishops, Clergy, and Parishes of the CEEC are shocked and moved with a deep sense of grief at the loss of their friend, brother and Ecumenical Officer, Bishop Tony Palmer. Bishop Palmer has been a voice of reason, heralding the cause of unity to Church at large and to this Communion in particular.

Bishop Palmer tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident Sunday. His close associate, Ms. Ayshka Sené, at the Ark Community reported Sunday that' "Tony was riding on his bike near his home and was hit by a car." Three teams of surgeons worked for at least 10 hours to treat Tony’s injuries but to no avail.

Bishop Palmer leaves behind a loving wife Emiliana, son Daniele and daughter Gabi. Please pray for each of them that the Holy Spirit bring them comfort and peace. Pope Francis was notified of Bishop Tony's injuries, then updated of his passing on Monday, July 20th, 2014. He has personally communicated twice with Mrs Palmer and the family.

Ms. Sené asked that “Bishop Tony's family be given space to grieve at this incredibly difficult time.  She stated that more information will be forthcoming in due course.”

As each of us look to our Heavenly Father for comfort and guidance in times like these, may we all remember that life is eternal, God’s promises are sure and we are part of a far greater family in heaven. Bishop Tony now sees face to face what we can now only anticipate with joy and longing.

May the purpose and plan of God for His Church not suffer
at the loss of such a friend as Bishop Palmer.
Now is the time to stand and be people of vision and faith
to see the prayer of Christ fulfilled in John 17;
"Father I pray that they may be one…that the world may believe that you have sent me."
May we all proclaim with Bishop Palmer,
“The Miracle of Unity Has Begun.”

Thank you all for your continued prayers.

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